Homemade Meat Smokers – Challenging… But Worth the Effort

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Homemade Meat Smokers – Challenging… But Worth the Effort

Homemade meat smokers are fun to construct and even more wonderful to use because they are the fruit of your own labor. It is not always easy to make one. However the flexibility you can achieve in the design and budget might just be what you are looking for.

There are a lot of people who prefer to buy commercial meat smokers but if you are one of the few who enjoy tinkering around and get a kick out of a challenging endeavor, constructing your own homemade meat smoker should not be that daunting a task.

Homemade Meat Smokers – Are You Up to the Challenge?

A Chinese sage once said: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Same thing goes with constructing homemade meat smokers. That first step usually is studying and researching prototype meat smokers. There are a lot of reference materials in the internet on how to construct a homemade meat smoker. They vary is complexity and difficulty of constructing but they are all worth looking into.

Once you have a pretty good idea how they are constructed, planning how to do it based on your needs and preferences would be the next logical step. Write down your specifications to get a clear concept of what to do next and how to proceed.

Planning the Construction Steps

List down the parts that you will need to make or purchase before assembling your own homemade meat smoker. Next, assess how much of the labor you are willing to do and whether you need help at all. For example, if you do not have power machines, one option is to ask a shop that specializes in steel products, to fashion the compartment or the access doors for you. Be very specific in your instructions to them to get the desired results.

Be resourceful and don’t be afraid to innovate. Using a new trash can as your smoker’s main compartment is not a bad idea. There might just be other parts that you can use from your garage junk.

It is important to make sure that your homemade meat smoker is safe to use and will not be a fire hazard. Heat and smoke gauges and thermometers should be part of the things you intend to put. If you plan to make an electric meat smoker, utmost care with the wiring should be observed.

Persistence is the Key

Do not be discouraged if there are kinks and imperfections in your design. Failure is essential towards achieving perfection. The beauty of constructing your own homemade meat smoker is that you can always go back to where you have gone wrong and make necessary modifications.

Let’s face it; commercial meat smokers can be quite expensive. If you are able to construct your own at a fairly lower price, why not? Seeing your family and friends enjoy the smoked foods you will serve them from your very own homemade meat smoker makes it all worth it.

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  1. Dave

    Looking for actual designs and measurements to build one inside and out. I have the fuel oil tank. Thank You. DAVE


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