Charcoal Smoker – There’s Nothing Like Food Done the ‘Smoked’ Way

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Charcoal Smoker – There’s Nothing Like Food Done the ‘Smoked’ Way

A charcoal smoker is one that cooks and infuses flavor into your food with smoke coming from charcoal. The kind of charcoal or briquettes you use spell the difference in the aroma and taste that you will get. If you are open to the idea of smoking your food the way our ancestors did in the past, you might want to give a charcoal smoker a try.

How Does a Charcoal Smoker Differ from a Grill?

A charcoal smoker cooks with hot smoke. Grilling, on the other hand, cooks your food with direct heat that comes from an open fire. The fat and juices of the food do not get burned nor charred in a smoker. It gets simply cooked and infused with the flavors from the wood used. It is important to know which wood gives the best flavor for the kind of meat you are doing. There are also briquettes with aromas and flavors burned into them during production.

Another difference between a charcoal smoker and a grill is the amount of time required to cook the food. A charcoal smoker cooks food a little slower than a grill because the open fire in a grill is much hotter than the smoke from a charcoal smoker. It is therefore, important to allow enough lead time for your cooking before the family or your guests descend on the meal.

A smoker is also more appropriate to cook bigger chunks or pieces of meat with than a grill. The slow process allows heat and flavor to penetrate right into the core of the meat.

The most important difference between the two methods of cooking is the end-result. Charcoal-smoked food has a different flavor that has been infused by the smoke. Grilled foods also taste good but there is such a distinct difference between the two.

Charcoal Smoker – Cooking Tips

When smoking foods, it is important to keep the lid of the charcoal smoker closed to prevent heat and smoke from going out and lowering the temperature in the compartment. This affects the way the food is done. If you are doing large pieces of meat, the smoky flavor should permeate the meat right into its core. That is why smoke cooking is a slow process requiring patience and care – but the outcome will be all worth it.

Some folks buy their charcoal smokers. Others assemble them from scratch. Still, others have theirs custom made by industrial manufacturers. However they got their charcoal smoker, they will all surely enjoy smoked food whenever they want.

Cookouts are much more fun with more time spent visiting with friends and family while the smoker quietly smokes the food to perfection. When it is ready, you will all enjoy a flavorful feast done the old American way.

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    Thanks foe the info I dit it and i like the flavor of it , i yes my smoker and my gril with pecan wood it was tasty thanks again.


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