Charcoal Grill Tips

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Charcoal Grill Tips- Let’s Get going!

A childhood memory is watching my Dad wrestle on the weekends to light a charcoal grill using lighter fluid or (gasoline if there was any lighter fluid available). remembering back, I don’t believe we actually used our grill other than on weekends as a result of his working schedule.

Dad would start the fire and then wait for it to get hot prior to grilling up a number of chicken parts or maybe burgers. However, Dad just couldn’t sit still waiting for the grill to heat up, andhe would become involved another job which needed to be completed and he would neglect the fire in the pit. When he returned and discovered the coals had burned out, he’d say something beneath his breath and begin all over again.

Allow me to please use this time to state that I believe barbecuing during the summer or hotter months is actually torturous. Why would somebody gather around a flaming hot pit when it’s actually 98* outdoors while mosquitoes and other insects are chowing down on your ankles? Cooking in the cooler months makes a lot more sense. Having said all of the above I tend to do most of my outdoor cooking in the summer. Simply sayin’.

Advantages of Using a Charcoal Grill

  • It’s hotter. Grill temperatures can easily achieve 500-700;. If you’re a steak-lover, only using charcoal can provide you with the perfect steak which has a caramelized, crispy exterior along with a pink/red center. Far better and smokier flavor compared to gas.
  • It’s a weekend ritual. The major reason I love to barbecue or grill with good friends simply because it’s an outdoor ritual. It requires time. It’s enjoyable to experiment with using fire too. We all like playing in the fire just a little. There is also the chance to consume some adult beverages.
  • Much more portable. Do you want to take the grill to the beach, park, campground, or even your bathroom? A charcoal grill will rule in being portable.
  • More affordable to buy. We will discuss details in other articles but a charcoal grill can be the more affordable option, however you can get excellent gas grills at an affordable price.
  • A charcoal grill is also capable of burning hardwoods which provides you even more flavor.

Obvious Disadvantages Using Charcoal Grill

  • It’s dirty. Use tongs or gloves. Don’t be a wimp.
  • Usually takes more time as compared to gas grill. Touche’. However only by 15-20 minutes involving warm up period. The issue is this, is it really worth waiting an additional 15 minutes or so for much better flavor? I’ll leave that up to the individual to decide.
  • More difficult to regulate the cooking temperature. When you’re a doof like me and have a tendency to plop the coals directly in the middle, yeah, it can be difficult to manage. However , do exactly what the pro’s do: Place the coals off to one side and that means you have created several different cooking temperature specific zones.
  • Place any fatty meats above the cooler cooking zone to help render the fat and minimize flare-ups. You should also a spray bottle to douse ad control the flareups.
  • Too much ash. Purchase a grill which has a completely removable tray for catching ash and your trouble are over.
  • It’s a pain to purchase charcoal. It is also a pain to fill your tank.

The main component of virtually any cooking, outdoor or indoor, is regulating the heat. To accomplish this you will need a good dependable oven thermometer, along with some knowledge an skill which does take time to learn. Sadly I’ve never found a charcoal grill having a excellent thermometer, plus they are never installed exactly where it really is needed, close to the meat. Temperatures at the top of the grill dome is usually quite different then at level of the meat.

Due to the fact charcoal grills don’t have dials to increase or reduce temperature, you will need to discover how to create a 2 zone fire. This makes it possible to regulate heat simply by moving the meat between the different zones in order to cook at different temperatures. After you have grilled for a while you will learn how you can regulate the intensity of the fire by simply closing and opening the oxygen vents. These are your temperature dials.

What To Look for in a Charcoal Grill

  • A securely fitted lid so its possible to do indirect cooking and grilling. In order to get the perfect performance with your grill, the top must fit since you would like the smoke to circle the meat and go out through the top vents rather than leaking from the sides
  • Vents should be located in the top and also at the bottom to be able to adjust the airflow and, therefore, the heat. I only use my bottom vent to regulate my heat. I keep the top vents wide open and change the bottom one to regulate the pit temperature.
  • A hinged grill grate, so that it is simple to add wood to the coals. This is an absolute must when you are cooking anything for an extended period. You need to be capable of adding wood from time to time to the coals.
  • Front loading charcoal grills are excellent when you wish to smoke a great deal of food or grill with wood. I don’t own a pit like that, nevertheless, I can see that it would be practical.
  • Durable construction and have optional side tables. The construction is an important safety feature since you don’t want your pit to topple and spread fire. The side table is important but there are pop up tables available at a very reasonable price.

Grills are used mainly for three different methods of cooking

  • High heat cooking when the food is positioned directly over the heat source. This would be used for items such as steaks.
  • Indirect heat convection roasting intended for things such as roasts and whole chickens when the heat source is located off to one side the food is cooked by heated air circulating around it.
  • Indirect heat smoke roasting is much like indirect convection roasting. The difference is smoke is introduced to give the meat a smokey flavor. This method is used for anything where you the taste flavorful hardwood smoke.

Simply speaking, cooking food using charcoal can easily produce outstanding results when you practice. High heat is ideal for most thinner cuts of red meat and chicken pieces. Indirect and smoke roasting methods are used for thicker meats and whole chickens. When you learn your instruments and get practice it is going to reward you immensely.